About Us

Welcome To Precious Pipis
‘We care for your children as if they were one of ours’”.

Precious Pipis is privately owned and operated, with the centre owner having a Bachelors Degree in Education. A passion for quality childcare within local communities being at the forefront of all the decisions made within each centre. With three boutique centres across the northern Auckland area, each centre is a reflection of its local community. All of our centres are unique to their locations but they all have the same foundations with each centre focused around best possible care and outcomes for children.

Here at Precious Pipis we offer quality, nurturing childcare and an age appropriate learning environment for children 6 weeks - 6 years. Our mixed age spaces are unique and benefit all age groups in developing Tuakana - Teina relationships.

High Teacher to Child RATIOS

We believe it is vital to provide more teachers than required by Ministry standards so our opportunities to build strong, meaningful relationships is supported. Precious Pipis Childcare Centre is passionately committed to delivering a high quality home like environment & educational service for young children. Trust and respect are at the forefront of all of our interactions with a focus on heart-centered teaching.

Minimum 80% Qualified Team

We take education seriously, and are proud to have such a highly qualified team, committed to the care and development of your child. Our team are passionate about growing and learning and we are guided by the principles of Te Whāriki our Early Childhood Curriculum.

Natural, Flexible Rhythms

We are focused on creating natural, flexible rhythms mirroring those of the home environment. This allows the child freedom and comfort in their educational development. We practice free movement with our children so they can develop and move without restrictions.

Story Park

We use an app called Storypark that allows our Teachers to communicate throughout the day with Whanau so they can be involved in their children’s early learning journey. You will get a glimpse into the Pipis day through photos / videos each day along with learning stories.

Cloth Nappies

Precious Pipis Childcare Centre focuses on sustainability, therefore at all three of our centres we provide Cloth Nappies throughout the day.

Sustainability Practices

A strong focus on sustainability practices and respect for the natural environment are at the heart of what we do at Precious Pipis. We role model respect for the environment and encourage our children to value our world as taonga – something to be treasured.


Children should be able to play and explore in an exciting but home like environment. We believe the child’s self initiated discovery is important for them to be able to develop as individuals. Children need to feel nurtured, respected and trusted when they are in care – Teachers provide children with endless opportunities, in a child-centred, say yes environment.

We encourage you to visit the centre and contact us with any questions.

Because of our small numbers at each of our centres we often run a wait list all year round. Please make sure you get in touch early to secure your space today.